Askey Set To Confirm Club Captain

With the squad for the 2017/18 season now pretty much assembled, Sir John must now turn his attention to the arduous task of selecting a new Club Captain for the forthcoming campaign.

At a recent Fan’s Forum event, Steve Watson stated that he was not particularly bothered about who should wear the armband, due to the fact that he wanted to see eleven leaders out there on the pitch every week.

Yet protocol demands that one should be named, and as such we look at some of the leading contenders.

First up is midfielder Danny Whitaker, who is about to embark on his tenth season at the Moss Rose. Danny would command the respect of all his fellow players due to his illustrious career in the game and therefore his name must surely be towards the top of Sir John’s list.



Danny Whitaker – Your choice for Club Captain? (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).


However, it is doubtful that Danny will feature for ninety minutes in all of our games this season, and his quiet demeanour may well prove to be the crucial factor why the armband may well be handed to another player.

Next up is Mr Consistency – George Pilkington. Like Danny, Pilks has bags of experience and I for one would not be surprised to see him handed the captaincy. George has led the back line for a number of years now and is pretty vociferous on the pitch, so this should stand him in good stead should he be given the armband.

Then we have new signing Jared Hodgkiss – a born leader who is very vocal on the pitch –  and like Danny and George, he has a wealth of experience behind him. He would not only command a degree of respect, but also would not be afraid to bellow instructions out on the pitch when needed.



Jared Hodgkiss – Another contender for the armband? (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)


I would have thought that Sir John would choose his captain from the three individuals mentioned, but we could be in for a surprise as players such as Shwan Jalal, Courtney Richards and Elliott Durrell all have characteristics which are favourable to the role.

My guess would be Jared Hodgkiss, but we shall have to wait and see over the next few days, as more often than not I am proved wrong!



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