Can We Finally Put An End To The “Punching Above Our Weight” Nonsense?

There are not that many things which annoy me about being a Macclesfield Town supporter – especially just before the start of a new season. Maybe the fact that they don’t sell Spearing’s Pies, or that I can’t nip out for a fag at half time but I guess I am nit picking now!

There is one thing that really gets on my moobs though, and that is the constant reference to the assertion that we are somehow “punching above our weight”.

If I have heard the phrase once, I have heard it a thousand times – and you know what, IT IS WRONG.

The phrase first came to prominence in the latter stages of our Football League tenure, and it irritated me then. We seem to fall back on it to justify everything, as well as not giving the club the credit it deserves.

Let me explain.

Macclesfield Town have never been a rich club – never. Therefore all the successes we have achieved have come from the determination and insight of a small number of people who refused to sit on their laurels and think to themselves that we should not aim to be as successful as we can be.

We are in the National League, not because of how much money there is or isn’t in the bank, we are in there on merit.

Just like we were a Football League club, on merit.



Were all these Silkmen Legends punching above their weight or did their desire to succeed make success inevitable? (Pic courtesy of Macc Express).


How many times did you here Sammy or Alan Cash go on and on about “punching above our weight”. They didn’t they got on with their jobs and did the best they could.

The only time I really heard it was during our League One season – and even then, we were just one striker away from staying in that League, so even then we were hardly “punching above our weight” irrelevant of the illustrious company we were keeping at that time.

We are where we are due to merit, nothing more. We have as much right to be in this League as anyone else and what we lack in funds we make up with passion, determination and drive to succeed.

Sir John is working miracles with the squads he puts together – is he “punching above his weight?”

Of course he isn’t, he is doing the best with what he has, just like every other team is doing irrelevant of budget.

League status is only partly a result of budgets, it is more importantly a result of how they are used and the level of determination to succeed.

So please, can we recognise the hard work everyone is putting in to the club a little bit more and abandon the notion that we are somehow “punching above our weight”?



One thought on “Can We Finally Put An End To The “Punching Above Our Weight” Nonsense?

  1. Maybe ‘PAOW’ isn’t the most apposite metaphor for our situation, but I can understand why it is frequently used. Of course, money doesn’t guarantee success in football (or anything else!), but it sure as hell helps. Although you may get Leicester City winning the League, or Wimbledon winning the FA Cup, once in a blue moon, it isn’t mere coincidence that, by and large, the more successful teams are the ones with the greater resources.

    I think most Macc fans do appreciate the hard work that everyone is putting in, because they realise how much more difficult success is to achieve without the benefit of a fat cheque book!

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