Silkmen Appear To Have Signed Jalal’s Twin

Macclesfield Town have seemingly signed the identical twin of ‘keeper Shwan Jalal to act as our reserve ‘keeper for the new season.

The news was broke at the Blackpool match yesterday, when Jalal was replaced by a trialist ‘keeper whose name was confusingly Shwan Jalal also.

The eagle-eyed amongst us noticed that the new ‘keeper, who emerged after the half time interval looked very much like our original Shwan, yet PA Andy Worth announced that he had been replaced by a trialist – giving us all the information we needed to conclude that Shwan had an identical twin.



Shwan Jalal in action (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Mr Worth, 66, has recently had a few difficulties with his eyesight however, as at a recent kit launch he managed to destroy two mannequins by walking in to them prior to the strip unveiling.

We will verify this story with the club, but for now, may we all welcome Shwan’s twin brother, Shwan,  to the club!

Welcome Shwan!



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