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Since this site launches three weeks ago, there has been a few questions asked, both to me personally and also on the Wraggs to Riches message board. I don’t want there to be any secrets about what I am trying to do with this, and will always answer all queries honestly – so here you are.

First of all, the legend that is Bill Milligan asked whether or not we could employ some advertising on the site – I am guessing as a way of raising a few quid which could be invested in to merchandise or back in to the club in some way.

Well, the simple answer is yes, we could do this in one of two ways. We could employ Google Ads in a similar way that Wraggs do and this generates a few quid basically on the amount of hits the site gets. The other option of course is to ask some local businesses whether they would want to contribute to the site by way of advertisement. So for example, I could ask Spearings whether they would like to sponsor Big Jim’s Pie Review for example (when he get’s round to writing it that is!)

However, as far as I can see, I will never open myself up to adverts on the site and let me explain way. Firstly, with Google Ads, you really don’t know what adverts are going to be present on your site as this is managed by Google themselves. The last thing I want is for kids to be reading a story and at the bottom there is a dirty great big advert for adult chat lines! I say this in a non – joking way too – this is why sometimes there are rather inappropriate adverts on Wraggs – because the only people in control of the are Google themselves.



“Not totally happy just yet”


Secondly, although I am not totally happy with the site in terms of design as yet, I just think that the presence of adverts will make it look a little bit messy and cluttered. I want the site to look the best, and be the best it can be and I just think that adverts takes a little bit away from that.

Finally in terms of adverts, I could never make any sort of cash from them anyway, as I would then get in to trouble with image rights. The photos you see on this site are all used correctly and comply with copyright laws. However, the ones you see from the BBC and Getty for example strictly state that they can only be used on “non-commercial” websites so should I decide to employ advertising (and thus monetise the site), then these image would need to be taken down. I think that this is too bigger price to pay, as the images we use are integral to the story flow as well as how the site looks.

Whilst we are on the subject, let me just clarify one further thing related to this. All the prizes we give away on this site have been paid for by myself, and not freebies from the club or anything like that. I think that all in the site has cost me just over £200 all together so far, and I will be announcing how this site will be helping the club further over the next day or two.

But rest assured, the site and everything it gives away or sponsors etc has been paid for in it’s entirety by myself – at full retail price. If anyone knows of any decent loans by the way then give me a shout!



Message board queries answered.


And now we move on to the question which I have been asked the most – whether I could put a message board on here.

Again, the simple answer is yes and it would probably take me an hour our so where the site would need to be taken down whilst I tried to work out how to do it!

Yet, I am still in a dilemma regarding this and let me tell you why.

Firstly, the message board on Wraggs is still active and I didn’t want to duplicate what we  already had.

Also, I have seen the personal abuse which Andy as moderator has taken on there over recent weeks and to be honest I could do without the hassle. Most of you who know me will also know that myself and Andy have fairly different personalities in that if I was expected to take personal abuse on here then I would just block people and not really think twice about it!

I have had offers of help to moderate the potential board and we are monitoring whether or not we want to go down that route closely. However, I don’t want this site to turn in to a playground for idiots who have nothing better to do than abuse others who are doing their best for the club.

Free speech – yes definitely. Abuse – sorry no.

I ran a poll on our Facebook page the other day, where it fairly conclusively revealed that a message board at this stage is probably not worth the hassle. This is by no means set in stone, and potentially I could be talked around, but that is where we are at the minute.

However, I would like to point out that on the bottom of every story their is the ability to leave your comments. It is dead easy to sign up for this, and maybe if the debate on these picks up to a stage where I cannot really say no to a message board, then one will be sorted out.

I want you to be happy with this site – it is yours at much as it is mine so I hope that the above helps to clarify the queries you may have.

If not then please feel free to contact me or grab me at a match and I would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Thanks for all your support

Bob Trafford




4 thoughts on “Your Questions Answered…

  1. The website is great Bob and I am really enjoying it. I urge you to reconsider on the message board front. The type of no nonsense moderation you describe is exactly what is needed. I think this could be a real chance to reboot a decent Macc message board like in the MaccFans days. Many of the decent posters have left Wragg due to all the nonsense. It would be a chance to bring many of them back in. Just a thought.

  2. Just a thought … if people are really keen to have a discussion board could it be closed just for subscribers so you could generate a little income? No idea how the model would work but it would certainly give control and deter idiots … pehaps one of my many foolish ideas …

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