Jack Storer: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

There were many terrific performances from Sir John’s new look Silkmen side in yesterday’s opening pre-season defeat to Derby County, yet one player made the headlines for the wrong reasons and that was former Birmingham and Wolves forward Jack Storer.

The nineteen year old who is currently on trial at the club reacted angrily to a fairly innocuous looking challenge and in the ensuing melee was seen pushing his team mates away as they tried to calm him down.

As Storer left the pitch, he threw the hallowed blue shirt on the floor in front of the London Road End before kicking the walls as he walked down the tunnel.



Mitch Hancox tries to calm Storer down after an innocuous challenge made him see red. (Pic courtesy of Peter Hilton).


So, the question is should we put our arm round him and give him another chance, or has that show of dissent ended his chances before they have really begun?

I am torn on this one as part of me thinks that he should jog on his merry way and not set foot in the club again, whilst the other part thinks that people like Sir John and Steve Watson could put their proverbial arm round him and potentially we could have a decent player.

Social media has certainly erupted since the game however, with literally hundreds of Birmingham, Wolves and Stevenage fans casting doubt over his temperament and it remains to be seen whether or not he will be given the chance to redeem himself.

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3 thoughts on “Jack Storer: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

  1. Asked needs to set a precedent. If he stays, he needs to apologise to the whole squad in training. He’s 19 years old and doesn’t look like any part of Birmingham’s plans, and any player who we can get on a 12 month loan with no recall is our best shot of season long retention.

  2. F that.. throw the shirt down once it’s too much.. get this punk ass idiot out of our club.. he’s abusing a privileged career and is a liability.. john an Macc don’t need him.. bye bye you idiotic simpleton.. the last thing on his Twitter was appealing for people to let him know others who could tint his car windows… Absolutely pathetic.. I’d rather pay money for this pathetic fool to go to any other club… Absolute a hole!!! Hope he never gets another chance at any other club. Disgrace.

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