Silkmen Cafe On High Alert After Scam Foiled

Staff at the Silkmen Cafe were called in to action today after a male diner tried to scarper without paying his bill.

The incident happened at around 13:15 this afternoon, and is the first of it’s kind since the new venture opened.

The male chancer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, ordered two lots of sausage, egg and chips – yet on it’s completion was seen sprinting over to his getaway vehicle.

Brave staff chased after the dodger and ordered him back in to the cafe to pay his bill.

In addition to the feast which he devoured, the gentleman in question is also said to have slopped a good couple of meals down his top, and it is thought that he planned to consume these at a later date.

We have contacted the club for a description of the gentleman, and they kindly provided the below image of the man in question –


Brave staff foiled man after he sprinted out of cafe.

Despite this unfortunate incident, we were told by both the above and his accomplice that they enjoyed another fantastic meal at the club and would urge everyone to give it a try!





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