Silkmen Cafe Gets Thumbs Up From Big Jim

Ahead of the planned maintenance work at the Moss Rose this evening, I accompanied local Pieman Jim Goodwin in making his debut at the new Silkmen Cafe.

The first thing which I noticed was how impressive it looked inside – a proper classy football cafe which included plenty of seating for those who fancied a proper feast.

Jim was equally impressed as he entered the cafe, stating;

Bloody hell it’s alright in here innit? I’ll be coming in here again – what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?”

Big Jim

We then proceeded to scan what really is an extensive menu which will appeal to any palette at any time of the day. I was genuinely surprised at the range of stuff on offer – I had been expecting just the usual fare on offer at other “greasy spoon” establishments, but nothing was further from the truth.

The menu has everything from soups, toasties and salads to sandwiches, chips, and of course pies.

The next thing which struck me was the prices of the items where I was once again set aback. I would challenge anyone to find a cheaper cafe in Macc – I know that I am biased but the challenge still stands.



Big Jim promoting the forthcoming Car Boot Sale at the Moss before his sausage, egg and chips.


Ordering sausage roll, chips and gravy, the whole cafe fell aghast when Jim dismissed the favoured meat and potato and chose the sausage, egg and chips option – both were really well done and without the grease factor often associated with standard takeaways.

After finishing his plate, Jim gave the following assessment of his first meal at the Cafe;

I tell you what it was nice that was – I will be having that again. Nicer than a pie really. Yeah I tell you now I will be a regular here. I have a mate who runs Harry Ramsden’s chippy and I tell you now this is even nicer than he turns out.

Big Jim

Praise indeed.

So if you are passing, then please do visit the new cafe – it really is a great place to go for a bite to eat at really competitive prices.



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