Amar : “We Have A Very Good Team Coming Together”

As the start of the 2017/18 season is only a matter of weeks away, and with Sir John valiantly putting together his new look Silkmen team, we thought that now would be a good time to grab five minutes with club majority shareholder, Amar AlKadhi.

Amar has been at the helm for fourteen years and has guided the club through many ups and downs along the way. Now living in Ibiza, AlKadhi leaves the day to day running of the club to Chairman Mark Blower whom Amar described as being “the voice of the club” in that he has a much more detailed knowledge of everyday business. As a result therefore, some of the questions which were put to him will be raised at the forthcoming Fans Forum on Wednesday evening. 

Club to hold Fans Forum where you can put your questions to Mark Blower, John Askey and Steve Watson.

Despite this, Amar was pleased to talk to me regarding several issues, and I started by asking him about his assessment of last season; 

Well I could be happier, but we are not in a bad position. Last season was a good season as we finished as high as we all hoped, but getting to the Trophy final was a real bonus. It was really enjoyable and made it a really memorable season for us all” 

Amar AlKadhi

I then asked Amar if he is aware of the views of some of our fans on the message boards, who have criticised his role in recent weeks; 

I don’t tend to look at the message boards – I do so about two or three months ago and there was a lot of stuff on there which wasn’t true, so it didn’t really encourage me to look any more” 

Amar AlKadhi

Amar AlKadhi (Pic courtesy of Macclesfield Express)

We then spoke about the financial situation at the Moss Rose, and in particular the recent claim that surrounding withdrawals which may have been made following the successes of last season; 

Actions speak louder than words. The club is still there and there are no secrets with the finances. We submit these to the company register so all the numbers are there – there are no secrets. If anyone wants to look at them, then they are there”

Amar AlKadhi

This question has been asked about twenty or thirty times already and I have seen the response that Mark Blower gave in great detail so I go back to that – this has been answered ten times over. It was asked at the AGM – it has been documented. All there numbers are there – this for me is just gossip” 

Amar AlKadhi

We then moved on to talk about the season ahead and how he thought that Sir John’s new look Silkmen side was coming together; 

I think that John is assembling a very good squad. I think he has made some very shrewd signings, so it is looking like we have a very good team coming together.” 

Amar AlKadhi

Sir John ” assembling a very good squad” (Pic courtesy of Macclesfield Express)

Linked in with this, I then asked Amar if there is the budget available for us to build on the successes of last season and to further improve; 

There has always been the budget to push on, for some reason people like to say that there hasn’t been. There was last season but this keeps coming up every year – every year people say why didn’t this happen, I say it every season. If we are close to relegation, we will put more money in, if we are close to promotion then will put more money in – like we did last season”

Amar AlKadhi

Finally, we spoke about Amar’s plans for the club going forward and in particular whether if he is still looking to sell the club; 

If there is somebody credible, but at the minute there isn’t anyone. I looked to sell four years ago but the deal didn’t happen. The club has been ok since then and we are doing ok. If people want to help the club out in Macc then they are welcome to but I don’t know of anyone – where is this white knight everyone keeps talking about?” 

Amar AlKadhi

I thanked Amar for his time, which was greatly appreciated. He signed off by complimenting me on the website, and stated that people really don’t see all the hard work that goes in to it and everything else that supporters do – I think that we can all agree on that! 

Check back here later in the week for a full update from the Fans Forum which is to be held at the Moss Rose on Wednesday evening. 

(Featured image courtesy of Macclesfield Express)

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