Alty Fan Travels 8,500 Miles In The Hope Of Seeing A Win.

Earlier in the week, I ran a story which basically moaned about all the travelling us Macc fans are expected to do following our team. At the time, I was buttering up my boss in the hope that she would give me time off to travel down to exotic destinations such as Dagenham and Sutton for mid-week fixtures.

However, my protestations have somewhat paled in to insignificance after reading about an Alty fan who is travelling around 8,500 miles in the hope of seeing his team win a game. 

Alty FC – Desperate for a win.

The Moss Lane outfit, who are plummeting down the leagues at the minute, are set to face Whitchurch Alport this afternoon and Robin’s fan Mark Buckton is making the mammoth journey from Taipei just to be there. 

Speaking to the BBC, Buckton explained; 

“It is my first visit in nine years and I’m going to show my wife England and North Wales, but essential to the trip is that game”

Mark Buckton

Now don’t get me wrong I have been to Boston United for a friendly on a Thursday night which seemed like a mission (especially as we got hammered), but this surely sets new standards. I can’t work out whether this is heroic or down right bloody stupid.

Fair play to the lad though, I am sure that if you ask any Alty fan whether they would be prepared to travel 8,500 miles just to see a win then they would take it at the minute! 

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